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Affiliate Program

The Nutri-Meds™ affiliate program allows Health Care Practitioners (HCPs) to earn commissions on conversions from the traffic you send our way. If you are a Heath Care Practitioner and have a newsletter, feed or blog, simply embed a link with your account ID and begin earning commissions immediately. This saves you from taking on inventory. Simply point your customers to us and we will handle the order and give you your commission. We have developed the back-end tools for you to record and track everything.


  1. Review the program and terms below.
  2. Register (if you are already a HCP customer, login and go to the affiliate configuration. If you are a new HCP user, please register by clicking the button below.
  3. Once we receive your new registration, we will review your information. This may warrant a phone call or email.
  4. After approval, we will manually change your privileges to Affiliate / Partner.
  5. You will then receive an email with your affiliate code, documentation and some link examples.
  6. Place the links on your web site, newsletter, feed or blog.
  7. Traffic that converts to a sale will earn you a commission.

Affiliate Conditions & Rules

  • Each affiliate must be manually approved after registration. This may take up to 48 hours.
  • Each affiliate earns 10% commission on each order before tax and shipping.
  • Traffic must convert to a sale in order to earn the commission.
  • We also track repeat traffic and conversions so you continue to earn revenue as long as you are an authorized Nutri-Med™ affiliate.
  • Payouts are scheduled only after you, the affiliate, reach a $100 in commissions.
  • Company checks are sent on the first day of the month only.

Sign-up now and begin converting traffic and earning dollars within 48 hours.