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Payment Security
  You can be confident in knowing that www.nutri-meds.com is a verified Authorize.Net merchant.

Authorize.Net is committed to providing its merchant customers with the highest level of transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information and combating fraud. We implement and maintain compliance with industry leading security initiatives such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. More than 185,000 merchants trust Authorize.Net to process their Internet transactions securely. For more information about the benefits of Authorize.Netís secure transaction processing, please visit the Authorize.Net Web site.
Quality Delivery
  We guarantee secure ordering and quality delivery to your home or office address. We are committed to order accuracy and safe arrival of your products. We are now using pull-tab security caps, so there is never any danger that the product can be tampered with.

If you ever have a difficulty of any kind with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want our customers to have a positive experience with us. If you need help, please ask!

Occasionally technology will hiccup and an order will not be processed properly. Your feedback lets us know so we can fix the problem. You will always receive an email confirmation when you place an online order. If you donít receive that email, your order did not go through. Leave us a message, weíll track down the problem, and get your products to you right away.
Low Price Guarantee
  It is our commitment to provide you with the best value, at the best price. We value your business and stive to keep our prices low, and SAVE you money!
Privacy Policy
  We do not condone SPAM and will never sell or give away your personal information in any form. We collect email addresses in order to keep you updated as we search for products and approaches we feel would benefit our customers. Users will receive mailings only if they Opt_In to our mailing list. If at any time you do not wish to receive that information, simply Opt_Out of the mailing list.

Financial information that is collected is used only to bill the user for products and services. We do not save credit card information.


Our site provides users the opportunity to Opt_Out of receiving communications from us at the point where we request information about the visitor. We value your privacy. Please view the entire Privacy Policy for complete details on how we use the information we collect.
Web Site Security
  Nutri-Meds.com is protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security. Nutri-Meds.com has been validated to have a secure SSL certificate which provides industry standard data encryption of information transferred from your computer to the website.